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Chris Anderson – competition for the platform to become the trend of opening is the key – Sohu technology September 14th Chris Mr. Anderson participated in the second Shanghai – California innovation dialogue". Mr. Anderson currently 3D Robetics CEO, has written "free", "long tail effect", "third industrial revolution" and many other best-selling books. At the meeting, he described the next 100 years there will be three different competitive models, including company competition, product competition and platform competition. The following is the speech finishing. I am from Silicon Valley, my company, work is done according to the mode of Internet innovation, innovation is not only the digital things, but also an open community, the model of the Internet is to connect people, the purpose is to connect people. It is to break the barriers between people all over the world, can let communication between people and people, if you look at the development of Internet technology, they are driven by people driven by the community driven by open drive, and are global. This is not only the Internet, but in twenty-first Century the whole development is open community style, the Internet is an open platform for the next 10 years, we can see a variety of other open platform. I would like to give you a look at the vision of the next 100 years, there are three different forms of competition. From the beginning of the industrial revolution in the modern society, the first type is the competition between the company and the company’s competition, 100 years ago between companies competing with each other, because they represent the productive forces. They have factories, with the supply chain, with the retail channel and so on, to the company as the boundary, this is we marked the beginning of the industrial revolution. To make things more difficult, so the company has distribution logistics, capital, assets, they have the resources to make objects and products, this company can have the market. The manufacturing industry is becoming more and more easy, China has become the leader of the world’s leadership, we have third party manufacturing, any enterprise, the company can have the productivity, they can only be outsourced. Our second competition is the product to the product, so all the competition is at the level of the product. The next thing is becoming more and more quickly, all of our products have become more and more cheap, this is our late twenty-first Century consumer of such an era, we are now entering a new era is a digital era, because of changes in our manufacturing industry, our competition format changes, because the products are digitized, so distribution and logistics with the traditional form is not the same, so the manufacture and distribution of products is very low barriers, barriers to entry are very low, our competition is the network. So now we have one plus one is greater than three effect, so the network we call it a platform, so a form of competition we see now is from company to company, product to product, now is the competition between the platform and the platform. What is a platform? In general, the platform is the one or two company, for example, to create such a platform, may have part of this platform, but they.相关的主题文章:

Gu Yongqiang era officially ended the video industry industry chain to enter the battle

"Gu Yongqiang era officially ended the video industry into the industry chain for each reporter Zhang Si from 2006 to 2016, Koo Youku led over 10 years. In October 31st, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong issued a message, announced potatoes Youku CEO Victor Koo Youku potatoes will no longer serve as chairman and CEO positions. As early as September of this year, Koo had hinted at the idea of foreign office, "I am a horse, a horse for a long time to take a break, I should be able to take a day off." Gu Yongqiang himself said in the message, he will focus on ecological investment, responsible for the preparation of cultural entertainment industry fund. Internet watchers Wang Liyang told the "daily economic news" reporter said, from the previous focus on adjusting the Ali civic sector a series of view, Ali will eventually form a complete ecological matrix, Koo is a matter of to retire after winning merit. Ali to build a new eco entertainment Alibaba group announced that in order to promote the cultural entertainment strategy, the formal establishment of Alibaba culture entertainment group, at the same time, will raise the scale of more than ten billion yuan in the entertainment industry fund. And appointed Yu Yongfu as Alibaba Entertainment Group (chips) chairman and CEO. Previously, Ma Yun proposed "wholly acquired in a ouble H strategy group, digital entertainment is an important part, because its business is complex, can not find a suitable candidate to co-ordinate the development, has not formed a clear development ideas, cultural entertainment forum was founded and until Yu Yongfu in command, and that Ali a group of real resources integration into the fast lane. Therefore, with the unity, micro-blog, UC this three carriages of the more and more closely, the industry believes that a variety of initiatives that Alibaba is trying to build a new entertainment ecology. Gu Yongqiang said in an open letter, I will and Cai Chongxin, Ali, Ali, the formation of the strategic investment committee, and served as chairman of the board of directors of the president of the United States and the United States, and in, in an open letter, mr.. Strategic layout and strategic investment Ali entertainment ecological investment committee will be responsible for the civic sector, and plans to raise the ecological fund size of about $1 billion 500 million, a Alibaba, fund, I will become the first batch of investors." "The video industry rough competition has ended, at this stage the Koo successful annexation of potatoes, but the current video industry to fight the whole industry chain operation ability, Koo introduced Ali is also in order to help Ali in other aspects of the ability, Ali excellent soil is very fancy." Wang Liyang believes that with the change of market environment, is now a large entertainment competition, centralized resource management operations, it is not suitable for Koo to operate, more suitable for market competition has always been in the line of Yu Yongfu. At the same time, Wang Liyang pointed out that the success of Yu Yongfu took over the High German embodies its ability to compete in the market. As the founder of Youku and Koo has to retire after winning merit time, so Ali allowed to rise a level, in charge of investment matters. The competition in the industry has changed in March 2012, Youku and potatoes to 100% of the convertible merger, potatoes delisting, Koo took over the new company Youku potatoes, soil.相关的主题文章:

Chinese subtitles group arrested on the day of the police illegal to anime with subtitles – Sohu new mmhouse

Chinese subtitle group "police arrested for illegal: animation subtitles – Sohu news [global network reporter Yu Pengfei]" caption group "users are very familiar, they are free to provide Japanese animation and national television drama Chinese subtitles, the speed and quality of each group will have subtitles and translation. However, the recent two Chinese subtitles group members were arrested by Japanese police on suspicion of illegal infringement of animation works in kyoto. According to Japan’s "Yomiuri Shimbun" reported in September 29th, two Chinese nationals arrested subtitle "members of the group were 30 year old in the Japanese company staff and 20 year old college student. The report quoted local police sources said, during the year 7 to August, two people sharing software through the book of events "," dust Arslan Senki series with a flurry of animation Chinese subtitles, and broadcast on television to spread to the Internet within a few hours. Prior to the Japanese media coverage of the Chinese subtitle group, said the subtitle group did not pay to insist on translation because only love. In fact, these translations are not copyright, is a tort, but also reflects the Japanese culture is very popular with young Chinese people. It is reported that, according to the provisions of the Japan International Film Copyright Association, it is a white do subtitles is undoubtedly violated the rights of interests of the parties to do this thing actually violated Japanese subtitles in the copyright law of twenty-seventh translation rights. In addition, the unauthorized translation may not be able to reflect the essence and intention of the original, although we all understand the truth, but everyone watching subtitles.相关的主题文章:

Beijing – VIDEO – China square dance master in the national Kunming aunt dancing competition 追踪309

Beijing – VIDEO – China square dance master in the national Kunming aunt dancing competition Chinese square dance master gathered in the national "Kunming aunt dancing competition [comment] recently, the Taobao national square dance contest in Yunnan Kunming finals, 6000 teams from the national talent shows itself in the 12 team, a wonderful dance, never compete. Dressed in costumes riotous with colour painting, bright makeup, the group usually busy in the fields of the farm aunt as the incarnation of the leading actor on the stage. In the first Alibaba Rural Cultural Festival, from Yunnan, Hunan, Guizhou, Fujian and other parts of the country’s rural square dance aunt who together, dancing competition. [the same period] (contestant Yang Yuechi) (today) on the stage, see so much light, although a little nervous, but the sound of the music, there is nothing, very happy. [commentary] on the stage, the Tibetan, Miao and other ethnic dances have appeared, aunt who infected with their enthusiasm and vitality of the scene of every audience. The youngest contestants from Yunnan, Binchuan, only 27 years old, the oldest of the age of more than and 50. They use a section of the heat of the hip-hop dance to tell the audience, square dance is not the aunt’s patent, not all slow rhythm. [the same period] (runner ran powder) as if the square dance is a relatively slow rhythm, the older dance. We just have to think why (we do), and we think the old can be young. We looked so elderly people dressed in dew, also dress up is not good, but I think it is 20 years old 30 years old or 50 years old can be the same to the nines (dance). [commentary] Alibaba in the Rural Cultural Festival set up a special square dance contest, all the country’s rural Taobao service station can be registered for the competition. It is reported that a total of 6000 teams from all over the country to participate in the competition, which lasted for about 3 months after the competition, there are 12 teams qualify for today’s finals. Finally, Yunnan in Maitreya to represent the team won the title. Reporter Dao Zhinan Kunming reports相关的主题文章:

This teacher Jay Chou night with students to open the black Internet bar foxpro6.0免费下载

This "teacher" Jay Chou night with students Internet cafes opened the black if ten years ago by Jay Chou is singing, ten years after Jay Chou can rely on the game: a. In China’s new song, Jay Chou played well because the game attracted a large number of students to join their team. Previously, there are friends from the Internet bar late night encounter Jay Chou and his new sound of students. Recently, the Jay Chou clan students accepted an exclusive interview with Youku, Jay Chou often broke the tutor package about Students Internet cafes to play games, do not force you to the team. Jay Chou play games in Internet cafes, according to Jay Chou Corps trainees Haneda revealed that Jay Chou will pack a whole about Internet cafes, we play together. Empty Internet cafes, only Jay Chou and a dozen of them. The name is Jay Chou with the students to play the game, in fact, he did not expect everyone must team up. "You can play other games, too," said Hata Michi. Once Jay Chou and students leave the cafe, happened to be a netizen "". The netizen wrote on micro-blog, he accosted Jay Chou feeling disappointed, wondering how the local Internet cafe 12 p.m.broke nets. According to the students Ceng Minjie said, when a pedestrian into the cafe is already 11:30, did not expect half an hour after the broken network. Some time ago photographed friends to Jay Chou low-key combination of Zhang Xinyue, Yang Hesu did not participate in this meeting, because the day before the operation so they say rookie, and then drag the hind legs feel shy companions. With the new game for the field, in order to be able to play with Jay Chou, determined to seriously practice the operation of the game. All the students, "the ballad girl" Baker language, "Monkey King" is recognized in the single good team game. The only thing that Jay Chou is unexpected, "upright young girl" Ceng Minjie was also a first-class master operation. Last night, there are users exposed a Jay Chou late at night out of the cafe photos, photos of Jay Chou wearing a mask, and a few friends walking side by side, it seems very comfortable with the. It is reported that this is actually in the Jay Chou after the rehearsal of the program and the students go to the Internet cafe LOL scene, friends asked him to play happy? He said: "happy, but a little bad, why Jiaxing 12 off the net?" According to the fans disclosed that "teacher" Jay Chou didn’t take the students singing, but with the students go to Internet cafes LOL, edify sentiment, in this regard, many netizens have said: "I think you are such a juvenile addiction!" "You’re so happy to play, do you know?" "Yes, it’s Jay Chou at midnight!" Jay Chou also rely on the game to take a lot of students in a limited number of teachers and students to get together, once out of reach, Zhou Wang, has become a student who is also the presence of teachers and friends. "Youth addiction" Jay Chou said that such a statement, "the game broke many barriers, real space through the game, I feel young, and fans closer." If the game is now young people’s entertainment, why don’t you have fun with the citizens? Teenagers Jay Chou in their own way, successfully opened a new mode of instructors and students get along.相关的主题文章: